About EFPC

Lisa Seeman is a world expert in web interoperability, the semantic web, and accessible web protocols. She is a key member of the W3C Forum working groups on web accessibility and has been instrumental in creating the standards which are accepted as the benchmark for interoperability and accessibility worldwide.  


Lisa headed a government funded incubator project that culminated into UB Access as an independent company.  She closed the initial investments for UB Access in 2002, successful closing of the sale of UB Access to Aequus Technologies Corp. in 2006. She acted as CEO For the company until 2009.

Lisa has consulted, formally and informally, for many notable companies and bodies, including:  IBM, SAP, Ex Libris, the European Commission, Firefox, Google and Adobe, the Ministry of Education and NASA.  Lisa is an invited expert in the W3C's protocols and formats working group where she reviews upcoming W3C recommendations for their implications for accessibility and interoperability.

Lisa is currently the Author and Editor of W3C, WAI interoperability specifications for  the Accessibility for Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA). ARIA is an RDF based roles taxonomy and XHTML module for AJAX, DHTML, and other application technologies and increased semantics for any XML based language to increase accessibility and interoperability.

Lisa is an active member of ISOC IL accessibility group, Israel government access task force (human right department), ACLIP, and has worked with accessibility groups from  Dublin Core and ISO.  Lisa has a BEng (Hons) from Imperial College London University in electrical and electronic engineering and has over 12 years experience in Hi – Tech Businesses Management, and a track record in complex problem solving.