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Part A

EFPC provide in-house and public workshops on Framework Program Proposal Writing, which include modules on Framework Program Proposal Form filling. Please contact us here for more information.


Proposals are made up of two parts:


Part A is filled in by using the new EPSS package.

In FP7 Part A consists of 3 forms. The co-ordinator fills in form A1 and A3a. The participants (including the co-ordinator) fill in one A2 form each.

Subcontractors will no longer be required to fill in an A2 form and will not be listed separately in the A3 form.

A1 - General proposal information including:

·        Type of Instrument

·        Proposal number/Acronym/Title

·        Duration in months

·        Call ID/Activity Codes

·        Research objective(s)

·        Proposal abstract and keywords

A2 - Information on each partner, one form for each with following information:

·        Participant number, Name address etc

·        Activity type, legal status, SME

·        Dependencies with other participants

·        Scientist in charge - Name, Address etc

·        Similar previous proposal submittal

A3a - Cost breakdown - one sheet for whole project for all instruments 

Cost breakdown and Requested Grant for each participant by activity types:

·        RTD or Innovation,

·        Demonstration,

·        Management

A3b - Summary of Cost breakdown - one sheet for whole project

Please note that all costs must be given in euro (not kilo euro) and must exclude VAT. VAT is NOT an allowable expense.



Tools & Templates
23.09.2013 - FP7 Book by Mr Myer Morron (FREE) V2.17
02/01/2012 - FP7 Proposal Finance Spread Sheet V1R
09/12/2007 - Issues surrounding 60% Derogation Overhead Rate for SMEs
23/10/2007 - Recording Hours Guidelines For FP7 Projects
15/10/2007 - How to Deal With VAT & Taxes In FP7 Projects
29/08/2007 - How to Calculate Man Months and Man Month Rates
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