About EFPC


Mr Morron is a graduate of the University of Glasgow where he studied Pure Science as well as Computer Science from 1960 - 1965. He has a broad technical background but specialised in software engineering, especially operating systems and supercomputer architectures. He has worked in these fields in the US, UK and Israel.


Until recently Myer was IST Director at ISERD, the Israeli body responsible for managing the Association Agreement with the EU on behalf of the Israeli government. He represented the State of Israel on the IST Management Committee for the duration of FP5 and continued this role in FP6. He also represented the State of Israel on the Research Infrastructures Committee. As part of his job he coordinated all Israeli activity in the IST and RI parts of the Framework Program including the NCP activity in those areas. He was part of the team that negotiated the FP5 Association Agreement and then a member of the EC-Israel Research Committee that oversaw the operation of that Agreement. Mr Morron has been involved with IST and its predecessor programs from their inception in 1984 and has acted both as a project manager in many key projects as well as an evaluator and an external expert.


Prior to joining ISERD, Mr. Morron held various Senior Technical and Management positions for Computer and Telecommunications Manufacturers. The main companies he has worked for include Control Data (US and Israel), ICL, STC and Nortel (UK) and Elbit (Israel). He was involved in setting up of the ESPRIT program in 1984 and has been involved directly in projects in all Framework Programs since then. He has also been a proposal evaluator for the European Commission on twelve occasions as well as an external expert.


During his career Myer has worked extensively with security systems and was a founder member of the management team that set up ICL Defence Systems in the UK and he himself set up and managed for several years the Defence Technology R&D group which reached 140 staff working on most areas of computing and communications secure technologies.


During the past twenty five years his work has concerned the development and successful market exploitation of new and emerging technologies and standards with an emphasis on Open Standards and joint collaborative projects. He has consulted and presented extensively in IT related issues, including for the CEC, US DoD, UK MoD, NATO and Standards Bodies ECMA, ISO, CEN, NIST and ETSI.